Brief History and Facts about Poker Traditions vs. Online Poker

Poker is said to start in China in 900 AD, though it’s not yet been confirmed. On the other hand, some said that poker really started in 17th century in Persia. It was first named Nas wherein a deck of 25 cards with 5 varieties of suits were involved. Nas was played just as the 5 card stud poker being played today by a lot of people and they are also alike in ranked hands with the 3 of a kind. French and Germans also claimed that they have played Poker in the past which they have called Poque or Pochen. It means to knock and it’s the same as Pochspiel.

These games were played using a deck of 25 cards and betting is also involved there along with bluffing as well. Poque is the card game that came from the US through French settlers in New Orleans. Though, there are also argument claims if it was the same card game known as Nas or it was the Poque game that came from the US. Traditional poker game is very much different from online poker game being played today by the youngsters not just in terms of the rules but also with the tricks to survive as well.


Traditional poker players merely rely in reading the mind of the other players. They always want know what their opponents are thinking and how these people will take risk to win. The sound, manners of playing, gestures and looks can be helpful to a player to tell what his opponents are thinking and how they will play the game. Whereas, the modern way of playing poker online cannot make any player determine what his opponent is thinking and how he will play the game especially if you are playing online. Playing online prevents you from making opinions and formulating techniques in terms of the body language or gestures of the other player.

What the seat has to say

Traditional poker players know the value of the seat. A lot of times, a player chooses a seat many times to have better eyesight of what is happening around. The 1st seat, 10th seat, 5, 6 and 7 seats are more closer to the centre of the board which means they can have a better glimpse of what is happening at the community and they can see how the cards are dealt. If you will observe in a casino game a lot of players frown every time a player changes seat. You cannot do this online in a modern day poker game though there are sites that show how players choose a seat and how a player becomes happy when he finally found the seat he wants for the game.

The game speed

The speed of a traditional poker game is very much different from modern online poker. Online poker is faster in action and in choosing a seat than the traditional game. Modern day gaming shuffles the card faster and the chips are also moved within the blink of an eye. While traditional shuffling may take time along with chips counting.

Regardless, if you prefer traditional method of playing poker or modern method, learning the rules and taking risk will be helpful to you in winning any game.