Draw-Poker: a poker variant

If you are looking for a poker variant, draw poker can be an option. It’s a type of poker game wherein every player is allocated with a complete hand even before the first wager round starts. Later on, develops the hand that will be used for later rounds through drawing of cards. There are different types of draw poker games and learning them can be of help to you so that next time you play poker you can easily distinguish the type of draw poker game being played.

1. The standard 5 draw

This type of draw poker is always the first kind learned by a lot of poker players. It’s so common that you can even find people playing it at home. It is rarely seen in casinos or in a tournament because it’s easy to play and very common that even kids can play it too. It’s best for group games where 2-8 players can have fun. This has been the oldest form of poker and it’s also known to a lot of countries globally. The famousness of this poker game ended when Texas Hold’Em poker started to became famous.

2. Gardena jackpots

This type of draw poker game is always played with a hand value along with a single joker in the deck of the card which acts as a bug. It should be played with a bet and no blinds. In the first round, there should be no player to open the wagering not unless a hand has a pair of jacks or much better hand. Those who will check for round 1 may call if there is still an open slot. If no player opened up, a new deal will start again and everyone will bet again using the same pot. The player who will open the bet will keep all disregarded cards so that he can say that he had enough open hand. This game was named after Gardenia city in California. This started out in 1930s and lasted until 1970s.

3. California lowball this game played in California in 1970s. Up to this day and age, it’s still played by a lot of people and it was popularize then along with the introduction of stud poker and card poker as well in the US. It can be played using low hand values along with single joker in the deck. In this type of game, its best for you to play with blinds rather than by betting.

4. Kansas city lowball

This type of draw poker use 5 card draws with no joker at all. The low hand values are called Kansas City, low poker and others. The draw is done in honor of the player who ruled the championship for a long time. This type of game is usually played without limits.

There are variants of poker to choose from so playing poker will not make you feel bored because there are lots of options to choose from regardless if you want to play it online or offline.