Facts about Poker Chips

There are tricks in poker chips, it’s fun and quite impressive too but you need to spend lots of time at the table you should also be well verse in cards to be able to an impressive poker chip tricks. Learning some tricks involved in poker chip is not as hard as you think it is. The techniques involved are actually straight ward and mastering them will just take you few hours if you will devote your time and concentration in it. Chip tricks are usually manipulated using poker chips. It’s different from magic because tricks are not usually demonstrated to jester someone. Instead, poker tricks are used to just make fun with spare time, to just show off your talent, to impress someone or other players or just to scare newbies in poker.

Poker chips

When you play poker at home or at any casino, some seldom bet with real cash because some change their money for poker chips. Poker chips are usually available in different colors and every player buy chips for a particular amount every time they play. There are various types of poker chips that you may encounter when you play poker using chips instead of real cash. Some pro players always prefer clay chips than plastic chips which are often used in a casual poker game.

Types of poker chips

There are 3 types of poker chips available these days. The clay chips which is the most costly and it’s often used by pro players, the composite chips and the plastic poker chips which are the cheapest among the 3 types.

Poker chips function

Poker chips play a vital role in a poker game because it helps in keeping track of the players while playing the game. Usually, poker chips come in different colors and all of them contain different value as well. Poker chips are so famous in fact there are digital poker chips that were made just for online players. Those who will have the larger number of poker chips usually win the game. But there are times when chips can also be misleading because those who have low valued chips than those who have a small number of chips collected containing high valued chips.

Materials used on poker chips

Poker chips are usually made from plastic materials to make it affordable for casinos. There are also clay chips which are often used by professional poker players for high end casinos and for major tournaments in poker such as World Series poker and world poker tour events. There are also poker chips that were made from resin which usually balances the weight of the plastic and the amount of the clay. While composite chips are the heavy type and it’s usually alike with the clay chips.

The chips size

The size of the poker chip is usually about the size of a ½ dollar though it’s quite thicker.

The advent of technology today enables casinos to buy customized poker chips depending on their budget. The type and material used for making poker chips usually give a game a different touch.