Five Tips for Poker Perfection

As with becoming an expert on live casino, becoming a world-class poker player takes time, knowledge and experience, but there are some things you can do to give you an instant edge in the game. Indeed, while those around you are making mistakes by trying to mimic the pros they’ve seen on TV, you can adopt a straightforward strategy that capitalises on their faults.

In this article we’ve outlined five basic poker tips that will enable you to be competitive in almost any poker game you find yourself in.

Stay on Side: Staying on the right side of the action is probably one of the most important pieces of poker advice you’ll ever receive. When you play in position you have the advantage of seeing what everyone else has done, which gives you a much better chance of making the right decisions. Indeed, in a game of incomplete information, it pays to have as much information as possible.

Better to Bet: Adopting a passive approach to poker is a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll. By letting your opponent dictate the action you make it much easier for them to manipulate you and take your money. Thus, whenever you’re involved in the hand it’s much better to be the player doing the betting if you’re strong and folding if you’re weak.

Forget Bluffing: If you're playing online with your bonus code, or offline, against weak players it’s extremely difficult to bluff because they only focus on the strength of their hand. Indeed, if they have a pair it’s unlikely they are going to see your bets as a sign that you have a stronger hand. For this reason you should bluff a lot less than you probably are already.

Avoid Weak Aces: Weak aces are one of the biggest leaks an amateur poker player has. A weak ace can be defined as anything from A-2 to A-T. The reason these hands are so dangerous is that you’ll often find yourself up against a player holding an ace with a better kicker. Thus, when you make a pair of aces post-flop, you’ll often be committed to the hand and lose out when your opponent shows a stronger ace.

Master Maths: Being a maths genius isn’t essential if you want to become a professional poker player; however, understanding some basic concepts – such as your odds in particular situations and the maths involved in calculating your outs – will help improve your chances of making a profit significantly.