Websites I like

To win at poker tournaments the knowledge of poker rules isn't enough. I list a number of sites that will provide you with information necessary to increase your winning ratio not only at poker bur other games as well.

  • Full info about WSOP for the beginners;
  • The list of selected online casinos that stand out due to their reputable record. I have tried all the casinos listed and be sure I wouldn't advise you something bad.
  • All about US lottery industry at Naspl;
  • Comprehensive guides to video slot machinesslot machine types by Videoslotmachines and Slots and  slots odds by SlotsHero. You should also check best slots sites offered at Dmoz.
  • You can see how one forum poker can differ from other forum poker offered by Pokerforums and Forumserver.twoplustwo respectively. To freshen up the poker terms you can go to Wikipedia.