poker lingo

Poker lingo is a special slang, developed for communication in a society of poker. Poker player’s phrases most commonly are very hard to understand without being familiarized with the terms of the lingo.

Some games have developed their terminology, called “jargon”, with its specific meaning of words and expressions which is widespread only among players. Poker is one of those games, it even has its “glossary of poker terms” (being supplied by “poker slang and lingo guides”). Among this glossary there are a lot of slang terms (collected in poker lingo and slang guides) that also exist in the poker players’ and the dealer’s speech. These colorful expressions make a game very inclusive for its players. Its lingo can be quite surprising and even may seem strange to a fresh person, but after being acquainted with its terminology, it can bring a lot of joy to the players.

Slang in poker is an informal speech with different level of emotions and level of courtesy. There is a whole library of special terms, created for the needs of the game. For an uninitiated person they sound as a totally different language. For example, a phrase "I flopped a belly buster on a rainbow board" means that a player has an “inside straight draw” (also called “gutshot draw”), in case of a dealer has given three initial cards, which appear to be distinct suit. It is important to learn and get used to poker lingo - as much as to understand the rules of the game. It is a form of communication between the players and the player (players) and a dealer.

A list of the most popularly used unofficial poker terminology is presented below:

1. Ship It. These words are commonly used by a person, who has just won a big pot. The one who has lost the hand often understands it as quite rude.

2. One Time: The idea of the cliche is the fact that players sometimes ask for a “one time” even after having already utilized their “one time”; from time to time memories of the players fade fast.

3. Sick: This word’s got many versatilities, it even tends to irk a lot of players. Expressions “Sick call,” “Sick game,” “You are sick” are only a few ways to use this term.

4. They Were Suited: This phrase has developed a real stigma, many people, who utilize it for justification of a call are most probably punished with other players’ laughter. This happens because some players over estimate the real potential of usage of suited hole cards for making a flush.

5. Good Luck Everyone: this expression, despite of having some merits, meant to mean that the player want to be polite, unfortunately very rarely is used with sincerely.

6. Donk/Fish: these synonymous terms is a way to insult someone (or the speaker) during a poker game. It is very rare that the one using these words could be correct, as it is highly unrecompensed to criticize an an opponent.

7. I Hate Pocket Aces/My Aces Never Win: This phrase is used by players who have pessimistic feelings after receiving aces.

8. Nice Hand: is a way to wish luck to, it is seldom sincere, sometimes may also be sarcastic. Nevertheless it might be used appropriately from time to time.

9. If I fold, Will You Show?: It is usually used for receiving information, could be a well-functioning among other tricks, used by poker players.

10. ‎I Was Priced In/I Had Pot Odds: During the game, there is a need to verbalize whether some people’s play is correct or no.