Different Hollywood Films- the Best Sources to Learn Effective Poker Tricks and Tips

For a long time Hollywood has used the game of poker and USA Casinos to make several movies for its audiences. By the way, the list of the best online casinos for US players can be found in no time. You may start to play poker now, or find some info about popular poker movies. For non-poker players they are just a source of entertainment. But for the poker players they are one of the best audio visual sources of learning effective tricks and moves in the game of poker. There several suggesting several tips and tricks that are involved in the game of poker. And no one can deny the fact they are quite effective in learning the skills required for winning in the game of poker. But, however, it must be remembered that the theory knowledge can be very effectively and properly explained with some practical demonstrations. So this is where the Hollywood movies in the game of poker come into play.

Thought there are several Hollywood movies but not all of them are effective enough in assisting you learn the winning skills and secrets of the poker game. A poker player will only waste his money and time in watching those movies. So to avoid the poker players from making such mistakes we have discussed about the top ten movies by watching which the poker players can learn several tricky moves that will help them to make a mark in the game of poker.

California Split

Featuring first in the list is the California Split filmed in 1974. This is the only Hollywood movie that shows the daily lives of the poker players. Amarillo Slim, WSOP champion, has special appearance in the film.

The Cincinnati Kid

The second in the list is The Cincinnati Kid filmed in 1965. The film highlights how poker players can lose their chances by making wrong moves. Watching the movies will enable you to learn to avoid the moves that can lead you lose a poker game.

The Sting

The Sting dated 1973 features third in the list of top 10 pokers Hollywood movies. The morale of the movie is that the best way of beating a cheater in the poker game, is by being a better cheater than him.


Featuring fourth in the list is Kaleidoscope from middle sixties - 1966. This movie depicts that how the hero of the film, a poker player, makes amazing moves to win the game of poker. The movie is an effective learning source for any poker player across the world.

Big Hand for Little Lady

Big Hand for Little Lady (also middle sixties - 1966) features fifth in the list. This movie showcases that how a poker game was won by a lady player with some effective moves. The movie comes as an encouragement for several lady poker players.

Born Yesterday

Featuring sixth in the list is Born Yesterday (1950). Watching this movie will help you to have new view about the poker game.  

Doctor Mabuse - Gambler

Doctor Mabuse - Gambler (1922) features seventh in the list. This is also one of the best Hollywood movies on poker that you can watch to learn some cunning and effective moves.


Then we have Run (1990), The Gunfighter (1950), Three Godfathers (1936) which feature eight, ninth and tenth in the list of top 10 pokers Hollywood movies. These movies can also help the poker players to learn certain winning skills and secret in the game of poker.

The Hollywood movies that have been discussed above are a good source for learning the secrets and skills of the poker game. Budding players can watch these movies and learn several trick and moves of the game. Similarly, the seasoned players can also watch these movies and horn their skills. It must be remember that visual learning is the best form of learning any skill. So this movies need to be treated as a very important sources of learning the poker game. Only watching the movies will not help. The players also need to implement the skills and the tricks in their games as well. Otherwise they will not be benefitted and the whole purpose of watching these movies for long hours will be futile. As a variant, you can practice a free poker game at online casino