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Welcome at LivePokerAid website, place where all information on poker gambling is presented for your attention. Here we describe the best game strategies and tips and also teach how to bluff! We are the guide that will help you to discover all secrets of successful poker play and explain each detail that help you to make a perfect gambling carrier. New players will find here basic poker information to make their understanding perfect, while professional gamblers and experienced poker players will be able to find the best working tips on online and traditional gambling.

There are many gambling guides over the internet and if you want to become a professional poker player you need to make use of all of them. The more you know about main principles of playing poker, the better you understand the game, and as a result, the better your winning are. Besides, you can always visit and claim your free no deposit bonus code to play your favourite poker games even more! With bonus codes and promotions you continue to play the game you like, but you pay less for gambling, as the additional money is added to your account.

Of course, we cannot miss such intriguing issue as online casinos and gambling at the Internet as today that is the most popular way of gambling. It is attractive not because of their permanent availability, but also of attractive welcome bonuses. One of the most popular ones is Casino Midas Australia which offered really catchy bonuses. All games, which can be found at land-based casinos, are represented at online casinos as well. If you do not know which of the casinos to pick, here we are to help you. Look at the list below, maybe some of those places will be interesting for you as a poker gambler:

Top 10 Poker Rooms
# Poker Room USA Bonus $ Match % Software Provider
1. Poker Stars US flag $50 100% Poker Stars
2. Full Tilt $600 100% Full Tilt Poker
3. Players Only $650 100% Cake Poker
4. Carbon Poker $500 100% Merge Gaming
5. Titan Poker $200 50% Playtech
6. Sportsbook $650 100% Cake Poker
7. Bodog $500 110% Bodog
8. Mansion $500 100% Playtech
9. Bwin $250 OnGame
10. Hollywood $2500 500% OnGame

All of the casinos from the table below are worth your attention and no matter which of them you decide to choose, you may be sure that quality of games and gambling services will be very high. But in order to win, it will not be enough. You should know more about poker to gain success.

What should you know about poker game before you start to make your bets? Let us make a brief review on the game, which will help you to understand at which points to pay attention! First thing which you have to understand is that poker is played against other players. Besides, skills are also very important. Even if you are the luckiest person in the world, you can lose with the best hand ever. Moreover, you have to make your decisions on the hands which your rivals may have. But it is very difficult to understand how good they are. In order to do that, you have to read the emotions of other players just looking at their facial expressions and gestures. That is probably the most difficult part of poker gambling. The other thing which can also be challenging for you is keeping so called poker face. You must control your emotions not to give other players a chance to understand how good or bad your hand is. As you see, successful poker gambling involves many details so not everyone can become successful playing this game. Still, everyone should try to achieve as much as possible improving skills and game knowledge remembering top online slots for real money.

For successful poker game it is important to know not only the game itself, but also to be able to predict possible outcomes of the game. It is rather difficult to do especially if you have no analytical skills. But it is easy to develop them especially if you play poker constantly. Choose free poker games at best online casino to improve your skills before you start to play for real money!

You will definitely be surprised with the quality of free games as they are as great as games where you play for money. Of course, you will both be able to win, but at the same time, you won’t lose a dime. For many casino players it is the best offer that online casino can provide them.

Now, with the advent of the online casino in Canada, such as Vegas Palms Casino, you are able to play video poker online in the comfort of your own home. Online video poker is no doubt one of the most convenient and satisfying casino gaming experiences you are ever likely to encounter. So do not waste your time and go to online casino to play poker!

poker movies


For a long time Hollywood has used the game of poker and USA Casinos to make several movies for its audiences. For non-poker players they are just a source of entertainment.

poker strategy and tips

POKER Strategy

Want to get really huge profits from the game? Choose the right strategy to follow - your luck is useless in poker, but your brains can help you with beating other players.

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Be careful while choosing place to sit at the poker table. Bear in mind some essential details which may help you with cheating other players in your way to winning.

poker strategy and tips


Systematic mistakes are almost inevitable when you just start to play poker games and know not much about these games. Even if you are not new to the poker gambling, ...

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So if you want to win - get skills. Hope this site will help you with it more than other gambling poker sites. You may be sure that all information you find here is completely reliable and approved by professional poker players. Pay attention to Gambling sites info, there you will find some useful likes which will help you to understand online gambling and poker game in particular more.

If you have never played online before, we recommend you to start with less complicated games, such as bingo or slot machines. You can also choose other games to play if you are professional gambler as there is nothing better than playing all casino games possible. Play at online casinos and have fun! Do not forget to try out the most popular poker machines of Las Vegas. Great graphics and realistic sounds will make your gambling even more interesting.