Discover Poker Legendary Players

Every game or sport has their own set of legendary players or icon. Poker game also has its own poker legendary players. These legendary players proved that a poker game is not about luck but it is all about skill and strategy. These players are willing to put huge money at stake to prove that they will win the game no matter what happen. They have gained their place because they have won many successful poker games. The following are names that you will find on poker Hall of Fame.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson also known as Texas Dolly suffered from a leg injury when he was a teenager and this makes him interested in different cards games like poker. He is the very first player to win 1 million dollars in a poker tournament. This is a proof that practice really makes perfect. He also won the most number of World Series of Poker together with Johnny Chan. He also got two hands on Texas Hold`em named after him. He also written books about his favorite poker game and he continue to play and win big money in different leagues.

John Bonetti

This guy at the age of 54 became a phenomenon when it comes to poker game. It was in 1980’s when he managed to keep up with lost time by winning 4 World Series of Poker bracelets. He has a total of $2.1 million winnings in his career as a poker player. It was in 1990’s when Bonetti used his fighting spirit to win the battle against cancer. Many professional poker players know that skill and talent of Bonetti in poker must not be underestimated.

Johnny Chan

If basketball has Michael Jordan, then poker game has its own legendary player named Johnny Chan. He came from China and left his homeland together with his family to live in the United States. Chan dropped out of college when he realized that poker can be the bread and butter for his family. He first earned reputation during 1980’s when he won two consecutive games at the famous World Series of Poker. He has the same path as Doyle Brunson for the most number of victories in World Series of Poker.

Phil Hellmuth

He became the youngest player who won the World Series of Poker. He is loved and hated by most poker fans because of his sharp tongue whenever he is on the table game.

Stu Ungar

This man won 5 World Series of Poker bracelets and take home more than $30 million, but his life was ended at Las Vegas hotel room during 1998. Ungar was banned for playing in most Las Vegas casinos because of his skill and talent in poker. He had wasted all his money on drugs and it was a sad ending for this great legendary poker, but he will not be forgotten.

These poker legendary players have left a permanent mark in the world of Poker and the world is continuously seeking for more legendary players to continue the legacy of these great poker players.