Online poker

In the game of poker, a player must know the different poker hands, or the set of five cards accepted depending on the rules of the variation. These hands are ranked to determine the winner. Though there are many variations of poker, the rankings of poker hands are standard. In a deck of playing cards, each suit consists of 13 cards. Ace is the highest ranked card while 2 is the lowest. The set consists of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen and Ace. The four suits are heart, spades, diamonds and clubs.

The royal flush is the highest order in poker hands. It is made up of straight ten to ace of the same suit. In poker, suits are equal in rank. If you have a straight 10 to ace card of the same suit, then you are lucky to have a royal flush. Next in that order is the straight flush, which is basically the same as royal flush, but with lower cards such as from 6 to 10 and so on and so forth. In case of a tie, the hand with the highest rank wins.

Four of a kind is a poker hand that consists of 4 same rank cards and another card known as the kicker, which determines the winner in case two players have the same hand. The one who holds the bigger kicker gets the pot.

Full house consists of any three same rank cards and another two cards of the same rank. The three matching cards determine the winner based on the higher ranking. Flush is a set of cards that have the same suit, regardless of order of ranking. The highest card in this hand is the determinant of the rank of the flush.

Straight, as its name implies, shows five consecutive cards in any suit. Lowest possible straight is the card from ace to five. Three of a kind features three cards of the same rank with two side cards that need not be the same in suit or rank. Two pair shows two pairs of same tank cards and another card. One pair, on the other hand, uses any two same-rank cards with the addition of any three cards. The best possible one pair poker hand consists of two aces and a straight jack to king.

If a poker hand does not meet any of the mentioned requirements, it is called no-pair or high card. The determining card in this set is the highest-ranked card.

In poker, the highest poker hand, which is the royal flush, is rarely met because of its requirement, but you are lucky to have it once you do since it is the best card. It is important to study these combinations if you want to be good in poker. But once you have learned and enjoyed the game, it would be easy to memorize the sets and their ranking, because you will notice that the harder a poker hand is met, the higher is its ranking.