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Poker Terminology


The gambler’s turn to act in betting round in land-based and online casino.


The obligatory bet posted by all the gamblers before the cards deal.


To bet all chips from stake into the pot by calling, raising or betting.

Bad beat

When the gambler loses in spite of the high probabilities in his or her favor.

Big blind

The type of the obligatory bet made by the second player after the dealer.


The low community card which can not aid any player in the game.


Also the Full House.

Bottom pair

When the lowest card on the board and your lowest hole card create a pair.


Those placings in the poker tournament, or any online poker, that do not claim for any prizes.


To discard one top card of the deck before community cards are dealt.


The special mark that denotes that poker player is in the dealer’s place.


The payment to enter the poker tournament.


To match the preceding raise or bet.

Calling station

The player that calls but almost never bets or raises.


To pass the turn to make bet not wagering any sum into the pot. It is allowed to check only when the bet hasn’t been made before.


The starting hand which has two or more cards in sequence.

Dead money

Money posted into the pot by player which is not in the hand.


The poker hand which may be quite strong in case some specific cards are dealt on the board.

Draw dead

The poker hand which has very low chances to win anyway.

Fast play

Aggressive play with many bets and raises.


Bad gambler.


First three community cards.


The kind of poker tournaments without the buy-ins.

Gutshot straight

Not complete straight poker hand which needs one particular card to be dealt.


The poker game with just two gambler.


The unpaired card in the hand that can be used to break tie.


Very aggressive player which all the time bets, raises and bluffs.


The discards of players that left the game.


The strong hand.


Poker structure which permits the poker players to wager any amount.

Off suit

The starting poker hand that consists of two cards from the different suit.


The cards in the deck which may help to form high poker hand.

Play the board

To use all the community cards to make the hand.

Pot limit

The poker betting structure which allows the players to bet up to the amount of the whole pot.


The same as Four of a Kind.


The flop cards from the different suit.


To buy more poker chips during the play not giving up.

Ring Game

Second name of Cash game.


Last community card on board.


The kind of poker tournament that takes place as the entering minor poker tournament for the major poker tournament.


The end of the poker game when the poker players shows the cards and the winner is determined.

Side pot

Extra pot made if several players go all in with not equal amounts of chips.

Small blind

The type of the obligatory bet posted by first player after the dealer’s button. The small blind is the half of the big blind.

Split pot

The pot that is divided among two gamblers with the hands with the same strength.


The starting poker hand with the cards of the same suit.


To lose control in game because of great losses and make errors.


The fourth poker community card.


The lowest straight from ace to five.

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